What Should You Expect From Event Photography



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College Station Event Photography

Being a photographer in Bryan, College Station we see a lot of events happening. Everything from people needing photography for a sorority event to corporate luncheons. But across the spectrum a few baselines should be set in place for what to expect from your photographer.


There are a lot of photographers in College Station, so how do you know which one to pick for your event? Well we’ll give you a quick overview of how we handle events so that you can weed out the lazy photographers in your area.

First off, right off the bat we always have a phone conversation or at least an email correspondence (some clients are much too busy for a phone call) discussing what they want to see from their event photographer. This conversation can range from some clients just wanting photos of guests to wanting artistic shots of dancing or what not. This conversation is very valuable for preparation as well! If they want just pictures of the guests, then there is no need to bring the ultra wide lens and vise versa.

After everything is taken care of, now comes the event. This is an exciting time for the client because whatever is going on is obviously important enough for them to hire a photographer. So we as the photographer should capture all those precious moments the host hired us for. These moments include those that happen at the very beginning of the event. So make sure your photographer doesn’t show up right as the event starts, but shows up EARLY! Can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard of photographers showing up 10-15 to even 30min late. Every part of the event is important to us!

For this reason, we show up 15-30min early or even more depending on the size of the event to make sure everything is in order to start taking high quality pictures form the very beginning of the event. timeliness is very important to us, and it should be in your photographer too!

After the event, and the guests go home, that’s when the real work begins! Editing pictures takes a lot of time! But fortunately for us we love seeing our photos really take for in the post production stage so we don’t mind the extra work at all! But when hiring a photographer in College Station, make sure to get a time estimate for when he/she will deliver the photos. To give you a basis, we try to deliver our digital photos within a week of the event, and most times we deliver them faster! This ensures that both our work wont pile up on us, benefiting both us and the client. I can’t tell you how many personal friends of mine have complained about how long it took for their photographer to get them their pictures. We realize that time is of the essence and make sure your photographer in College Station realizes that!

Now that the event is over and you have the photos, you can now relax and remember the event as how you planned it, with pictures telling the story.


For any inquiries regarding our services or photography in College Station, please visit the ‘contact’ page and feel free to shoot us a message. We look forward to hearing about the events you are planning!

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